PersonArt is an interactive system based on Artificial Intelligence that lets you find similarities between real faces and artistic images. The visitor is involved in a course that allows his/her to discover his/her own kind among the portraits of the Galleria Estense di Modena, starting an original and engaging tour. Behind the outcome there are some algorithms based on Deep Neural Networks aiming to identify the face and to extract its salient features in order to calculate similarities between visitor’s face and those on display into the Galleria.

Moreover, PersonArt uses artistic technique in order to decrease the domain gap between photos and artistic pictures, guaranteeing an accurate result transcending the differencesces of texture. The results are elaborated remotely by the high performance server at the seat of the Lab. in the Engineering Department.

AimageLab researchers  have introduced these techniques in the most important international meeting in Artificial Vision (CVPR).

You can find the photo box in The Galleria Estense, fourth floor, Largo Porta Sant'Agostino, 337,41121 Modena (MO) Italia during the FestivalFilosofia (13 14 15 September 2019) and Modena Smart Life event (27 28 29 September 2019).


…Who is your double?

PersonArt: https://www.gallerie-estensi.beniculturali.it/mostre/personart/